The price for the tour is SEK 17 600.

We reserve the right to change the tour price if the exchange rate is changed in an unforeseeable way.


The payment for the tour SEK 17 600 + the cost for lodging in Malmö SEK 395 per person per night, is to be paid to Scandorama no later than April 24, 2017.

How to pay

1. You pay for the tour by sending the money to Scandorama’s Bankgiro.
Maxli Travel Group AB BG: 5562-2864

If you want to transfer money from your home country, you will need this information:

Account name: Maxli Travel Group AB
BIC Code (Swift): ESSESESS
IBAN (Account number): SE42 5000 0000 0561 3101 9193
Bank name: SEB
Bank address: Box 275, 391 23 Kalmar, Sweden

Even if you transfer money from your home country, the currency to use is SEK. It is not possible to pay by USD or EUR.

NOTE: Sign the payment with the participant’s name, or we will not know who the payment is for.

2. You can also pay for the tour by credit card. Please fill out the authorization you find below, or write down the requested information in an email, and send it to Karin Ydrefelt. First check with the bank so that there is no latch on the card for payments in Sweden. Also make sure the credit limit is high enough.

Pocket money

You should bring a sufficient amount of pocket money to cover admissions to attractions not included in the trip. The pocket money should also cover lunches and dinners not included in the tour. We recommend that you bring both a credit card and some cash.

In cash you need no less than EUR 30, which the tour guide will collect during the first day and use to pay deposit to the hotels. This money will be returned to you the last day of the tour, as long as you haven’t caused any damages to any of the hotels.

If you want to, you can bring some cash for Poland (PLN) which is the only country we will visit where they don’t use Euro. There are cash machines in almost every city we will visit during the tour, though.


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