Since the space in the bus is limited, and the fact that you will have to carry the luggage yourself, you may bring no more than one suitcase and one carry-on luggage. The suitcase including contents should not weigh more than 25 kg. If your own suitcase is very big, borrow a smaller one from your host family.

Please note that you are responsible for loading and unloading your own luggage on travel days, and also for carrying it to and from the hotel room.

Packing checklist:

  • Bed linen and towels are not provided at all overnight places, so therefore bring this with you.
  • Do not forget to bring your passport! It needs to be valid at least until January, 2019. Make sure that your student visa for Sweden is valid during the whole trip.
  • Credit card and/or cash. You need no less than SEK 300 cash, which the tour guide will collect during the first day to pay deposit to the hotels.
  • Essential to make the trip pleasant is comfortable walking shoes. The shoes are especially important during the hiking days.


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