Rules & regulations
  • No drinking, drugs or gambling. No smoking in the bus nor in the hotel rooms.
  • When staying in a hotel, please consider the well-being of the other guests. Please refrain from running in the halls, shouting or disturbing in any other way.
  • No exchanging of room assignments.
  • You must be in your assigned room at the time designated by the chaperons.
  • Do not misplace items that are not your property from the stops along the way. This Ramble wants to return next year.
  • No calls from the landline telephones in the hotel rooms.
  • You must have proper clothes during the whole trip. Bring some nice clothes in case you want to attend a concert or theatre. Churches require clothes that cover up well.
  • Exchange students will be expected to conduct themselves at all times in a responsible manner.

If the rules are not obeyed, the trip will be discontinued and the bus will go right back to Malmö. No money for the missed part of the trip will in this case be refunded.

Cancellation dates

Before May 27, 2017
Your money will be returned to you, except for a fee SEK 500.

May 28–June 12, 2017
Your money will be returned to you, except for a fee of SEK 3 750.

June 13–June 25, 2017
Your money will be returned to you, except for a fee of SEK 8 550.

Less than 24 hours before departure
You will have to pay the total amount of SEK 17 600.

Cancellation due to injury or illness:
Please refer to your private insurance for reimbursement.

Passport & visas

Do not forget to bring your passport! It needs to be valid until at least January, 2018.

Please note that it is your own responsibility to apply and pay for each visa needed.  For the countries you will visit, belonging to the group of Schengen countries, you do not need any visa, since you have your student visa. It is important though to check now already that your student visa for Sweden is valid to stay in Europe during the whole trip.

There will be neither time nor possibility of last minute passport/visa fixing.

No passport, no visa = no Ramble Tour!

For questions regarding visas, please contact Rotary Youth Exchange:

Phone: +46 (0)8 644 74 10

Pocket money

You should bring a sufficient amount of pocket money to cover admissions to attractions not included in the trip. The pocket money should also cover lunches and dinners not included in the tour. We recommend that you bring both a credit card and some cash.

In cash you need no less than EUR 30, which the tour guide will collect during the first day and use to pay deposit to the hotels. This money will be returned to you the last day of the tour, as long as you haven’t caused any damages to any of the hotels.

If you want to, you can bring some cash for Poland (PLN) which is the only country we will visit where they don’t use Euro. There are cash machines in almost every city we will visit during the tour, though.

Important information for participants

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